IT Department

Wine Tracing System (WTS)

Advanced WTS online ordering system, implement custom products online order, branded customization and export logistics, real time tracking service.

  • Online ordering customized wine brand
  • Real time order status tracking system
  • Orchid wine ordering system
  • Wine label and trademark digital company-assets management

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Harbour Bottling Manufacture Production Factory (MPF) System

The internal management software of the bottling plant, for the information management of our bottling order production line.

  • Smart Table
  • Customized management
  • Fast, convenient, and secure data
  • Cloud based service

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Online Retail Order System

Yes! We are support that you can make orders online now.

  • Make order online
  • Enjoy fast delivery
  • Pay online, we are support Visa, Master Card and American express
  • Those site are avaliable for online order: TANK, Blickinstal

TANK Blickinstal

Orchid Wine Estate offers excellent budgeting, exporting, ordering and logistics services. Bringing a superior buying and consumption experience to all of our customers.

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